Indigenous Counselling Services

Indigenous Counselling Services is First Nations owned and operated and has been providing contemporary and traditional psychological services to First Nations communities and clients in BC since 1993.

Kahkakew Larocque

Kahkakew Larocque is a treaty member of the Frog Lake Cree Nation and has resided in the interior region of BC for the past 25 years. Having grown up off and on reserve, in foster care, residential and day school, Kahkakew makes it a priority to work with First Nations people to improve their quality of life through counselling, developing awareness and promoting indigenous and psychological healing approaches.

Kahkakew Larocque has worked with 75+ First Nations communities, agencies and thousands of indigenous clients in the past twenty five years in British Columbia, Alberta , Saskatchewan and Ontario,  and is committed to his goal of improving the lives of First Nations People.


Kahkakew completed a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Counselling Psychology in 1985 from the University of Alberta. He also completed a Masters of Education In Counselling Psychology through the University of Victoria in 2002, and studied at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in the PhD Clinical Psychology degree program from 2002 to 2005.

Professional Associations

Kahkkakew Larocque has been a member in good standing with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors since 2005.

Why it Matters

Too many First Nations peoples , families and children still struggle with historical and current abuses related to child welfare, residential school, incarceration, homelessness, epidemic suicide and crisis, post traumatic stress disorders , poverty and family violence as the result of colonialization and oppression through systemic discrimination. Kahkakew uses indigenous traditional healing approaches along with clinical psychological assessment and therapies to support clients.

Kahkakew Larocque believes it is important to be a positive and healthy role model for our people and has lived a sober and drug free lifestyle for thirty five years.

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