For the past 22 years, Indigenous Counselling Services has provided a wide variety of counselling services to First Nations communities, agencies and clients in BC:

Services Offered

Therapeutic Counselling services

This includes individual, group, family therapies for a multitude of issues ranging from

  • addictions,
  • mental health,
  • sexual abuse,
  • trauma (PTSD),
  • institutionalized and residential school abuses,
  • grief and loss,
  • suicide,
  • unhealthy relationships,
  • self esteem and depression,
  • bullying,
  • anxiety disorders and
  • parenting skills.

Indigenous Counselling Services also provides traditional counselling services including individual, group and family healing circles, elders and healers consultation and guidance, traditional teachings and sharing circles as required.

Critical Stress Management Services

This includes critical incident defusing and debriefing services, critical incident response, follow up, assessment, evaluations and support for development and implementation of relapse prevention plans for clients , agencies and communities.

Community Mobile Treatment Programs

Indigenous Counselling Services designs and facilitates community-based mobile and day treatment programs in varying lengths and approaches such as:

  • substance abuse treatment,
  • culturally based healing programs,
  • individual and family centered programs,
  • historical trauma,
  • residential school abuse programs and
  • family violence response and prevention.

Assesment Services

Indigenous Counselling Services provides assessment services through projective scales for issues related to anxiety, stress, depression, trauma and substance abuse for children adolescents and adults, as well as thematic apperception testing for the purposes of treatment planning and evaluation.

Training, Facilitation and Program Development

Indigenous Counselling Services provides awareness training for a range of issues related to:

  • addictions,
  • family violence,
  • cycle of violence,
  • lateral violence,
  • residential school abuses,
  • personal development,
  • employees assistance programs,
  • Indigenous laws and teachings,
  • traditional protocols and methodologies,
  • healing ceremonies,
  • communication parenting and
  • life skills development.

Traditional Ceremonial Healing and Information

Indigenous Counselling Services provides numerous healing ceremonies that include, sweat lodge, singing, fasts, memorials, medicine gathering and usage, liaison and referrals to Elders, ceremonial lodge keepers, healers and traditional knowledge keepers as required.

Parenting Programming

Indigenous Counselling Services provide family crisis response, evaluations and mentorship for families at risk.


Indigenous Counselling Services provides liaison, advocacy, and referrals to other First Nations community based, municipal, regional and provincial health agencies as required.

Indigenous Counselling Services looks forward to speaking with you in the near future to further discuss provision of counselling, healing and/or consultative services.

First Nations Health Authority Approved

Indigenous Counselling Services is approved by First Nations Health Authority as a provider of short term crisis mental health counselling and residential school related traumas for First nations status clients. Indigenous Counselling Services also provide counselling and crisis services through service contracts, fee for service, term agreements, and/or full and part time positions.

Indigenous Counselling Services can also provide additional Indigenous First Nations associates who are licenced, accredited, graduate level mental health therapists in BC as required.

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